Celebrating International Women's Day and Santa Barbara Women Winemakers

Meet Gretchen and the amazing women winemakers from Santa Barbara County at the second annual Women Winemaker's Dinner in Solvang.

"Women Who Crush & Progressive Pinot" by Matt Kettmann for Santa Barbara Independent News

I'm looking forward to celebrating International Women's Day with so many talented Woman Winemaker's from Santa Barbara County.  Thank you, Matt Kettmann for this article "Women Who Crush"  celebrating Female Vintners.

- Gretchen

"Though hard evidence is elusive, anecdotally, it does seem that Santa Barbara County boasts more women winemakers per capita than anywhere else in the state, if not the world. It’s a long tradition here, harking way back to Doña Marcelina Dominguez and her 1800s La Parra Grande grapevine in Montecito, and then reenergizing in the modern movement with Lane Tanner, Kris Curran, Kathy Joseph, and so forth.

One of the newer faces on that scene is Gretchen Voelcker, who grew up on a family farm in Philadelphia but found wine while living in Brussels during high school. School at Georgetown and then UC Santa Cruz delivered her into the wine business. “I really saw wine as an opportunity to express my creative side and still be in touch with the sciences,” said Voelcker ...."

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